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Water Filtration

CuZn Water Filtration Systems use FilterFoam Technology to absorb contaminants with pure, natural minerals, producing natural spring water right from your home.

Kitchen Filters

Easy-to-install, high-performing, long-lasting Under Counter, Countertop and Refrigerator filter systems from CuZn.

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Bath + Shower Filters

CuZn's Bath filters remove Chlorine and reduce Chloramine, soften your water and leave your skin feeling supple and smooth.

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Whole House Filtration

Environmentally-friendly, revitalizing Whole House filters for both Municipal and Well water systems.

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CuZn FilterFoam technology absorbs contaminants and produces pure, natural spring water from your home's tap.

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Water Structuring

UMH Water Structuring devices produce vitalized, restructured water for home, office and travel.

Home Water Structurers

Inline, Undersink and Shower devices give you vitalized spring water from every faucet.

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Mobile Water Structurers

Travel and standalone water structuring devices from UMH for your active lifestyle

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Energize your water from any water source with the UMH Travel Kit.

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Water Quality for your entire home

  • CuZn Whole House Filtration systems soften, purify and remineralize your water for cooking, cleaning and bathing.
  • Eliminate contaminants from your water system. Solutions available for both Municipal and Well water systems.
  • Vitalize your remineralized, filtered water with a UMH Structuring device, giving you deep cellular hydration and enhanced detoxification.