CR-1 Chloramine Wide Spectrum Water Filter Replacement Cartridge



Model# CR-1 Chloramine & Wide Spectrum Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

  • Offers the same benefits as the KR-101N but this wide spectrum filter has been designed for use with chloramine treated municipal water
  • New look, same incredible performance! We have improved our housings durability
  • Breaks down contaminants in 4 stages, a proprietary reticulated KDF-85 stage, high purity – catalytic GAC stage, Zeolite stage & a 5 micron sediment/particulate stage
  • We recommend replacing this filter once a year
  • Don’t know if your water contains chlorine or chloramine? Give us a call 303.514.9465 or email 

Wide Spectrum Performance Tests

Click here to learn how our reticulated KDF dramatically outperforms our competitors’ granular KDF: KDF Comparison Test

Click here to learn what our High Purity Coconut Shell Carbon filters: What does activated carbon filter?

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