Microbiome Labs

Enzymatic Mouth Freshener


Send your tastebuds on a wintry adventure with PrecisionBiotics® Enzymatic Mouth Fresheners—minty fresh, sugar-free breath tablets formulated to awaken your tastebuds and support the elimination of bad breath odor for up to 4 hours.

- Promotes cleaner, fresher breath, and a clean mouth feeling - Supports the capture and removal of malodor (bad breath) compounds - Quickly supports occasional bad breath with long-lasting effects—up to 4 hours - Supports immediate and effective odor neutralization - Gets to “hard-to-reach” places like the back of your mouth - Proven to neutralize bad breath instantly with bio active Enzymatic and natural plant extract patent pending formula - Simple and convenient to use anytime and anywhere
Take 1 tablet as needed up to 5 times daily. For best results, scrub the surface of your tongue with the tablet and let it fully dissolve without chewing. Enjoy fresher breath for up to 4 hours!

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