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HM-ET Binder


HM-ET Binder supports the body’s natural ability to detoxify and encourages cellular repair.* With the addition of Carbon Technology, it lends increased support to mitochondrial health, immunity, energy production, and long-term health.*

HM-ET Binder is primarily designed for clients who are in the intermediate stages of promoting detoxification.* Because of this, HM-ET Binder is typically recommended after a client has already introduced BioToxin Binder and ViRadChem Binder to their routine.

- Detoxification Support* - Gut Terrain Support* - Immune Support*
HM-ET Binder is included in Step 4 of the Foundational Protocol and Phase 4A and 4B of the Comprehensive Protocol. Note that HM-ET Binder is safe to take at any point in time outside of the protocol. Your practitioner may recommend taking it at different stages, based on your unique needs.
Humic Acid, Broccoli Sprout Extract, Fulvic Acid, Micronized Zeolite Clinoptilolite, Polysaccharides, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Capsule

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