Trace Elements

HTMA (Hair Trace Mineral Analysis) RCP Consultation

$104 $149

Start the Root Cause Protocol with a HTMA (hair trace mineral analysis), and learn:

- How minerals are functioning in your body

- Your body's ability to make energy at the cellular level

- How you respond to stress

As a documented starting point, we will refer to the HTMA, shine light on your situation, and teach you to balance the keys to your biochemistry. The result?

Feel better.  

In addition to the HTMA, we recommend gathering specific data about the functioning of copper, magnesium, iron, and retinol-A. This important additional data comes from the Root Cause Protocol (Full Monty) blood test.

The multi-element assay of hair (36 elements, including Boron) is performed by a federally licensed clinical laboratory called Trace Elements, Inc. Trace Elements have been in business since 1984 and are established as a leading worldwide laboratory. (Please note: Trace Elements lab is a separate company from us, Evenbetternow, LLC). Trace Elements do not sell the hair analysis test to the public directly. This is a service that we are able to offer to you as an individual at a very reasonable cost.

After hundreds of thousands of hair analyses, Trace Elements has developed a unique ability to interpret hair analysis results, which are detailed in their written report for you. With a properly obtained hair sample and their expertise, your hair analysis results will be extremely accurate.

The hair sample is prepared through a series of chemical and high temperature digestive procedures. Testing is then performed using highly sophisticated detection equipment and methods to achieve the most accurate and precise results. For details on the Quality Assurance/Quality Control methods used by Trace Elements Lab, go HERE.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (Profile 1) provides test results for 36 elements (without needing a doctor's signature). The report illustrates your results with bar graphs showing if they are within reference range, too high or too low. This is the most affordable and accurate hair analysis available.

Your Profile 1 Report from the laboratory will include the following:

  • Copy of test results showing a computerized bar graph illustration of high, low and reference range levels of the 36 elements (now includes Boron test) listed below under Elemental Assay of Minerals Tested.


  • Includes reference range to high levels for 7 toxic heavy metals (see below for list of metals tested). Note: You can have Antimony (Sb) tested as well for an additional charge of $30 by ordering here, or calling us at 520-877-2637.


  • Low, high and reference range for 15 important nutritional elements. Note: Boron (B) element is now included in the price of your test whether or not you purchase a combination Hair Analysis Test + Phone Consultation and Written Summary or just the Hair Analysis Test alone. (see below for full list of elements tested)


  • Low, high and reference range for 14 additional nutritional elements (see below for list)


  • Low, acceptable and high levels of 7 significant mineral ratios (see below for list of ratios tested)


  • Low and acceptable ranges for 9 mineral to toxic metal ratios (see below for list of toxic ratios tested)


  • Calculated values for 11 additional ratios


  • Brief explanation of the importance of each graph.

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