IFC supports the body’s natural defenses and helps protect against everyday stressors. Eleven herbs and botanicals — including astaxanthin, blueberry, bromelain, mulberry, and wheatgrass — team up to support the body’s natural detoxification processes and promote system balance.* The addition of Carbon Technology supports cellular renewal and repair, as well as healthy mitochondrial function, for additional immune, detoxification, and drainage support.*

- Detoxification Support* - Whole Body Support* - Immune Support*
IFC is not included in the Foundational Protocol or the Comprehensive Protocol. However, It can be taken alongside the protocol at any time for system balance support.
Pomegranate, Brocoli Sprout, Blueberry, Olive Leaf, Artichoke Leaf, Bromelain, Acai, Mulberry, L-Citrulline, Wheatgrass, Polyelectrolytes of Fulvic Acid, Polysaccharides of Fulvic Acid, Dibasic Acid of Fulvic, Astaxanthin, HPMC

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